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Our Delphi tour will start around 8 am. We will take off from Athens and we will drive though the fertile plains of Voiotia, passing by the Monastery of St Loukas, the ancient city of Theves and the renowned ski centre and traditional village of Arachova. In the archaeological site of Delphi you will also see the springs of Castallia, known for offering eternal youth, and the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, the Goddess Protector of Athens.
Arrival at the monastery of Saint Loukas around 10 am and short stop to admire the lovely Byzantine monastery. Arrival at Arachova 11am. Arachova is a beautiful village that maintains its traditional architecture. If you wish we can make a short stop here to walk in the narrow streets and take some pictures. Arrival at Delphi 11:30 am ? 12 noon. Time of arrival depends on the time spent at the monastery of St Lukas and Arachova. We will stay at Delphi for three hours approximately, so that you have enough time to walk around the archaeological site, the museum of Delphi and the streets of the villages. Return to Athens. After enjoying a tasteful lunch in the town of  Delphi, we will leave around 3pm or shortly afterwards, if you wish to stay more in Delphi.
Full day private taxi tour from Athens to Delphi
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